Frequently asked questions


How do I become qualified to volunteer?

You must provide us with your own background check. Please use the website below to have that completed. Once completed we will train you! Can’t wait for you to join!

How long is a volunteer shift?

We are open to shift lengths; we will work with you and other volunteers to make sure we have an appropriate level of monitoring of the youth community.

Can I volunteer for a specific task like moderator?

Yes, our goal is to work with you to make the best volunteering experience.

Can I recruit other volunteers?

Of course, we need as much help as possible. Have your friend follow the sight or reach out through the volunteer email.

How do I end my time volunteering?

We will be sorry to see you go, but please give us a week notice before you want to end volunteering with Robert’s Wish.


Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes we are a 501 C (3) and your donation to Robert’s Wish is full deductible

Where does my money go?

Your donation goes toward maintaining the community, training volunteers, and new projects and tools for Robert’s Wish users

Is there a max or minimum donation amount?

No, every dollar helps!

Corporate Sponsoring

How do I get my company to sponsor Robert’s Wish?

Thank you for considering us! Please email and we will set up a time to speak with you about corporate sponsorship and everything that comes with that!

What benefit does corporate sponsoring give me?

Please review out corporate sponsorship page this will allow you learn more about the benefits of sponsoring Robert’s Wish. From having your logo on our site, to supporting the diversity at your company, you will be making a great gesture towards helping those who are facing hardships finding their way.