The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members

Coretta Scott King

Our community provides resource through podcast and discussion with people who have faced similar difficulties, have something to say or just want to share their story and how they overcome the challenges. It’s a place where people can find relevant information, learn from others experiences coping techniques and methods that aid them in being proud of who they are.

We provide resource and discussion for both those who have faced these challenges or parents who want to provide the best support they can to their child/ren.

We encourage open and honest discussion, opinions and advice on what worked best for them so the more discussion on what worked, the better.

Robert's Wish Resource for Young people

Our youth resource is aimed any youth facing different difficulties with bullying for any reason. We offer a safe, confidential discussion with people who have faced similar challenges. Topics are informed by what is most important to our community such as bullying, coming out as LGBTQ, and other issues relating to fitting in. It is a free and open discussion amongst different people from all walks of life . Depending on what challenge the youth is struggling with, our community will be able to share content including tips on how to manage the challenge along with continual positive affirmations.

Robert’s Wish community strives to provide relevant resource and a place where youth feel part of a network, where they can reach out for advice, support and where they can hear the experiences of others.

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Robert's Wish Resource for Parents

Our parent resource will connect parents who have one main thing in common – finding the best way to support their children. The parent community will facilitate the exchange of advice, support, and information on how to guide today’s youth through challenging situations. While there is no one right way to parent, hearing how others have navigated tricky situations can often make all the difference. Check out the open forum for up to date discussion, advice and networking.

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